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周四《E-MENU》栏目 2020年12月3日
2020-12-03 18:00   审核人:

商丘师范学院广播站本学期 第11期

周四《E-MENU》栏目 2020年12月3日

播音:肖楚莉 张艳

张慧雯 郝瑞莹

 高嘉怡 耿源慧

李雯 杨雪

编辑: 齐菲菲 陈萍

周辉然 张雯柯

史宇杉 许可


A:Hello, my friends. Welcome to our E-MENU! I’m ***.

B:I’m ***.

Major story


A:Our story today will talk about “Susan's Magic Carpet”.

B: Wrinkles of confusion rippled across Holly's forehead as she unwrapped the gift from her best friend, Susan. "I thought you could use it for something." Susan's stammered explanation did nothing to help us understand why a twelve-by-eighteen-inch dark blue carpet remnant was being presented as a birthday gift. My heart went out to our daughter.

A: Starting out at a new school during her freshman year had been a difficult adjustment. Until she met Susan, Holly had experienced little success making new friends. The murmured "thanks" was barely audible as Holly tried valiantly not to allow her disappointment to show. She laid the piece of carpet on the kitchen counter, and the two girls headed outside to play with the family dogs.

B: The extent of Holly's disappointment over the incident didn't become evident until the following evening when she came downstairs to say good night. "Well, I guess we know how much my best friend thinks of me, huh, Mom?" Her attempt at a breezy tone failed miserably. Still bewildered by the situation myself, I didn't have much to offer in the way of enlightenment.

A: "I'm so sorry, honey," was all I could manage to say. The next morning, I carried a bulging kitchen sack outside. My heart wrenched as I lifted the lid of the trash can and saw Susan's carpet lying among the other discarded items. Hesitating only a moment, I reached in and plucked it from amid the debris. After giving it a light brushing, I brought it into the house and tucked it away in the hall closet.

B: Overshadowed by the business of daily living, the carpet was soon forgotten. Prior to Holly's birthday, Susan had been a regular visitor in our home. On several occasions, she rode the bus home with Holly and was one of the few friends ever permitted to stay over on a school night. The girls did their homework together and went to bed at a reasonable hour.

A: Now as I slid the evening meal into the oven, I realized it had been nearly three weeks since we'd even heard mention of Susan's name. I missed her warm smile and eager-to-please ways. A rustle at the front door told me Holly had arrived home from school. "Susan invited me to come over to her house after school tomorrow," she announced as she plunked her books down on the kitchen table.

B: Although her voice carried a so-what attitude, I sensed she was pleased by the invitation. In spite of the number of times Susan had visited with us, our invitations were never returned. "She wants you to come, too, so you can meet her foster mom." The words "foster mom" dangled in the air like a spent birthday balloon. Susan never talked about her home life.

A: Arrangements were made, and the girls rode home together on the school bus the following day. As I negotiated the winding country road that led to her house, Susan babbled nervously about her foster mom and the seventeen cats she had taken in and cared for with Susan's help. Several of these foster kitties scattered as we pulled into the rutted gravel driveway.

B: A tall angular woman wearing a shapeless tan sweater over navy blue pants stood in the screened doorway to greet us as we approached the small farmhouse. "Excuse the mess," she apologized, holding the door open while we threaded our way through stuff that seemed to be everywhere. Knowing my reputation for neatness, Holly's eyes darted in my direction to quickly assess my reaction to such chaos.

A: The tightness of her features began to relax as we sipped our coffee and chatted about her cats. A warm glow shone in her eyes as she revealed to me her fondness for Susan. But her expression turned pensive when she referred briefly to the girl's past. In a short time, I came to respect this generous-hearted woman who had opened her home to a young girl and attempted to make a difference in her life.

B: As daylight began to fade, we offered our thanks for the visit and said good-bye. Holly sat quietly in the car on the way home. Stealing a glance, I noticed her back was ramrod-straight. Her head and shoulders were thrust forward as if willing the car to move faster. No sooner had we come to a stop in the driveway than she flung open the car door and walked purposefully toward the side gate.

A: Curious, I shifted into park and followed. A lump caught in my throat as I observed my daughter standing next to the trash can peering inside. Her shoulders slumped as she replaced the lid and shuffled into the house. After pulling the car into the garage, I went inside and headed for the hall closet.

B: By this time, Holly was sitting at the kitchen table staring out the window. "Is this what you were looking for?" I placed the piece of carpet on the table in front of her. "Thanks, Mom." A tear or two slipped from her eye and splashed onto the dark blue remnant that, as if by magic, had become the most precious birthday present in the whole world.

A: Well, that's all for our Major story.

B: After a song, we will get into the next part. See you soon.

Music Radio

A:Welcome to the program: Music radio. This part will introduce the latest and hottest songs in the world to you.



A:Sabrina Claudio is a creative singer from America. Since 2016, Sabrina Claudio has been uploading her music to SoundCloud. Sabrina Claudio has been a favorite of the music media and editors, and her cool, fashion-forward looks and styles are hard for other singers to replicate. The “Christmas Blues” was released on November 27, 2020. The rhythm of the whole song is melancholy and soothing.

B:Sabrina Claudio是一位来自美国的创作女歌手。这首歌发行于2020年11月27日。整首歌的基调较为忧郁舒缓。Sabrina Claudio的声线一如既往的沉静,像是鲸鱼遨游大海中般,孤独而神秘,给人带来宁静平和。接下来就让我们一起来欣赏这首好听的《Christmas Blues》。


A:Ron Pope is an American pop and rock singer and songwriter, rose to fame In 2005 for his song A Drop In the Ocean with Zach Berkman. The song became A hit, and Ron began his musical career. His songs are now well known In the United States and internationally. The “River” was released on November 27, 2020. The rhythm of the whole song is warm and quiet.

B:Ron Pope是一位来自美国的流行、摇滚歌手及歌曲创作家。这首歌发行于2020年11月27日。这首歌的基调较为温暖安静。Ron Pope一贯坚持自己的风格,他的歌好似凛冬中一杯温暖的咖啡,醇厚又令人回味无穷。接下来就让我们一起来欣赏这首好听的《River》。


A:Miley Cyrus is an American pop singer. Miley Cyrus is famous for The Disney Channel TV series Hannah Montana. She plays Miley Stewart, a 14-year-old girl from Tennessee, California, who is also the super pop diva of Hannah Montana. The “Plastic Hearts” was released on November 27, 2020. The rhythm of the whole song is Dynamic and lively.

B:Miley Cyrus是一位美国新生代女演员兼女流行乐歌手。这首歌发行于2020年11月27日。整首歌的基调较为动感活泼。这首《Plastic Hearts》节奏感强,再加上Miley 极具辨识度的声音,给听众很强的带入感。就让我们在这首音乐中结束今天的Music Radio吧,同时大家可以通过微信搜索“商丘师范学院广播站”关注我们的官方公众号进行点歌,我们将会选取合适的留言和歌曲进行播放!不要错过接下来的板块,English Inkwell。

English Inkwell


A:Welcome to Inkwell. Today we will share a famous speech with you, which is called This decade calls for Earthshots to repair our planet.

B:Hello, everyone. Growing up in my family gives you a certain sense of history. I'm simply the latest in a line that can be traced back generations. This oak tree is close to Windsor Castle, which has been home to my family for over 900 years. Thirty-nine monarchs have lived here and enjoyed these beautiful surroundings. I've walked here many times myself.

A:And it always amazes me that some of the trees planted here, living organisms, dependent on soil, rain and sunlight, were here as they laid the first stones of Windsor Castle. That makes some of the oaks here almost 1,000 years old. These trees germinated during the reign of William the Conqueror in 1066, from a simple acorn like this.

B:By the time that Henry VIII lived here, they'd grown into mature, impressive giants. And amazingly, some of those very same trees still survive here today. They're a bit gnarled and hollowed-out, but they're still very much alive. While these oaks have been growing, around 35 billion people have lived their lives on our planet. That's 35 billion lifetimes' worth of hope, love, fear and dreams.

A:In that time, humankind has invented air travel, vaccines and computers. We've explored every part of the globe, sequenced the human genome and even escaped Earth's atmosphere. Our speed of innovation has been incredible, but so, too, has the acceleration of our impact. This oak has stood here for centuries, but never has it faced a decade like this.

B:We start this new decade knowing that it is the most consequential period in history. The science is irrefutable. If we do not act in this decade, the damage that we have done will be irreversible. And the effects felt not just by future generations but by all of us alive today. And what's more, this damage will not be felt equally by everyone.

A:It is the most vulnerable, those with the fewest resources, and those who've done the least to cause climate change who will be impacted the most. How can we hope to fix such massive intractable problems? It may seem overwhelming, but it is possible. Humans have an extraordinary capacity to set goals and strive to achieve them. We'd only just launched the first satellite.

B:Putting a man on the moon that quickly seemed impossible. But this simple challenge encompassed so much. He called it a goal to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills. In taking that giant leap for mankind, the team behind the Moonshot united millions of people around the world that this crazy ambition wasn't so crazy after all.

A:And along the way, it helped the invention of breathing equipment, CAT scanners and solar panels. But now, rather than a Moonshot for this decade, we need Earthshots. We must harness that same spirit of human ingenuity and purpose and turn it with laser sharp focus and urgency on the most pressing challenge we have ever faced, repairing our planet.

B:Instead, the way we live will be healthier, cleaner, smarter and better for all of us. The shared goals for our generation are clear. Together, we must protect and restore nature, clean our air, revive our oceans, build a waste-free world and fix our climate. And we must strive to do all of this in a decade.

A:The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the funds flowing into the economic recovery demonstrate how much can be achieved when those in positions of power come together and decide to act. We built hospitals overnight, repurposed factories, poured billions into the search for a vaccine and better treatments.

B:And we've been inspired by heroes emerging in every community across the world. Young people no longer believe that change is too difficult. They witnessed the world turn on its head. They believe that the climate crisis and the threat to our biodiversity deserves our full attention and ambition. And they're right. So now is the time for each one of us to show leadership.

A:Whether you're a farmer in the US, or every single one of us has a role to play in harnessing whatever opportunity we have. I'm committed to using the unique position that I have to help set those Earthshot goals and reward people across every sector of society and in every part of the world who do their bit to help achieve them.

B:Some people are motivated to act by a crisis, but for many, the incentive to act only comes when they believe that change is possible, that it isn't a lost cause. If people really believe that these challenges, these Earthshots, are possible, just imagine all the potential we will unleash. I'm determined to both start and end this decade as an optimist.

A:Whilst our generation represents just a blip in the lifetime of these magnificent oaks, we have the power and potential to ensure that they and all life on earth thrive for another thousand years and more. But only if we now unleash the greatest talents of our generation to repair our planet. We have no choice but to succeed.

B:OK, that’s all for today’s English inkwell. Sharing an English song, then go on. Do not miss the important part: Movie Dialogue.

Movie Dialogue

A:Hello, everyone! Here is Movie dialogue. Today we will introduce a film to all of you, the name is: Coco.

B:《寻梦环游记》是一部由Lee Edward Unkrich和Adrian Molina执导,Anthony Gonzalez,Benjamin Bratt,Gael García Bernal和Renee Victor等参与配音的一部剧情,奇妙冒险类型的动画电影,该片于2017年11月22日在美国上映。



A: 对人们来说亡灵之地都是黑暗恐怖的,但编导在《寻梦环游记》中用天马行空的奇想为很多人固有印象里恐怖的亡灵世界披上了一层绚丽唯美的外衣,令人不经意间便已经沉浸于了这一如梦幻般的童话之中,而关乎家庭、梦想、爱情的勾勒,更使电影用爱打破了死亡的藩篱。从伊始的剪纸艺术到菊桥神兽,近乎每一个亡灵节的元素,都成为了在细小处推进电影剧情发展的动力。墨西哥文化与亡灵世界的结合,构建起了其充沛的剧情张力和丰富的情感内在。


H: Hector M: Miguel

Dialogue One

H:So listen, Miguel. This place runs on memories. When you’re well remembered, people put up your photo and you get to cross the bridge and visit the living on Dia de Muertos. Unless you’re me.

M:You don’t get to cross over?

H:No one’s ever put up my picture. But you can change that!

M:This is you?

H:Mmuy guapo, eh?

M:So you get me to my great-great-grandpa… then I put up your photo when I get home?

H:Such a smart boy! Yes! Great idea, yes! Once hiccup. De la Cruz is a tough guy to get to. and I need to cross the bridge soon. Like, tonight. So, you got any other family here, you know? Someone a bit more, eh, accessible?


H:Don’t yank my chain, chamaco. You got to have some other family.

M:Only De la Cruz. If you can’t help me, I’ll find him myself.

H:Okay. Okay, kid. Fine! Fine! I’ll get you to your great-great-grandpa. It’s not gonna be easy, you know? You know, he’s a busy man. What are you doing?

M:I’m walking like a skeleton. Blending in.

H:No. Skeletons don’t walk like that.

M:It’s how you walk.

H:No, I don’t! Stop it!

M:Ernesto De la Cruz’s Sunrise Spectacular? Que padre!

Dialogue Two

H:You always this nervous before a performance?

M:I don’t know. I’ve never performed before.

H:What? You said you were a musician!

M:I am! I mean, I will be. Once I win.

H:That’s your plan? No. You have to win. Your life literally depends on… you winning. And you’ve never done this before! I’ll go up there.

M:No! I need to do this.


M:If I can’t go out and play one song. how can I call myself a musician?

H:What does that matter?

M:Because I don’t just want to get de la Cruz’s blessing… I need to prove that. I’m worthy of it.

H:Oh, that’s such a sweet sentiment. At such a bad time! Okay! Okay, Okay, Okay. Okay, you want to perform? Then you got to perform! First, you have to loosen up. Shake off those nerves.


H:Now give me your best grito.

M:My best grito?

H:Come on, yell! Belt it out. Ah, it feels good. Okay, now you.


Dialogue Three


M:Oh, Hector! You were right. I should have gone back to my family. They told me not to be like De la Cruz. But I didn’t listen. I told them I didn’t care if they remembered me. I didn’t care if I was on their stupid ofrenda.

H:Hey, chamaco. It’s okay. It’s okay.

M:I told them I didn’t care. Hector! Hector?

H:She’s forgetting me.


H:My daughter.

M:She’s the reason you wanted to cross the bridge.

H:I just wanted to see her again. I never should have left Santa Cecilia. I wish I could apologize. I wish I could tell her that her papa was trying to come home. That he loved her so much. My coco…


H:Well…Where did you get this?

M:That’s my Mama Coco. That’s my Mama Imelda. Is that you?



H:I always hoped I’d see her again. That she’d miss me. Maybe put up my photo. But it never happened. You know the worst part? Even if I never got to see Coco in the living world…I thought at least one day I’d see her here. Give her the biggest hug. But she’s the last person who remembers me. The moment she’s gone from the living world…

M:You disappear… from this one. You’ll never get to see her.

A:Ok, so much for today’s program. Hope you enjoy it!

B:Edited by Chen Ping, Qi Feifei, Zhou Huiran., Zhang Wenke, Shi Yushan and Xuke. Broadcasted by Xiao Chuli, Zhang Huiwen, Hao Ruiying, Zhang Yan, Geng Yuanhui, Gao Jiayi, Li Wen and Yang Xue.

A:See you next time.

B:See you.

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